Friday, October 9, 2009

Populariti Najib jatuh?

Not so popular
THE Merdeka Centre survey showed Mr Najib's support had fallen among all ethnic groups in Malaysia, which is dominated by majority Muslim Malays but also home to large ethnic Chinese and Indian minorities.

Mr Najib has been partly dismantling a decades-old system of positive discrimination for Malays, who enjoyed benefits in education, housing and jobs, which had previously been seen as a political taboo.

He has also said that he is intent on reclaiming the support of minorities, who shifted to the opposition in elections a year ago which dealt the ruling coalition its worst results in half a century. -- AFP
(source : Straits Time Singapore)
Siapakah Merdeka Center?


  1. diam la org singapore.. sebok jer. jelez la tu negara kite makin progressive! weekkkkkkk!!!!

  2. this is good news. Looks like he is doing his job. Pak Lah at the height of popularity, was doing nothing.
    This shows that the higher the votes the less work the candidate done.
    No wonder Nik Aziz is so popular in kelantan.
    Why anwar is so popular, now, it make sense. He has done nothing to the country and to the people except being popular.


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