Monday, May 27, 2013


... But in my opinion, it’s the wrong strategy. As I’ve said before, this is a parliamentary election, not a presidential election. The PM's advisors should be sacked. If you associate a vote for BN as a vote for him, then BN poorer results reflects on him too. 
I kept reminding them that those huge numbers at BN’s ceramahs do not translate into votes. You don’t try to fight his (Anwar’s) numbers with your even bigger numbers. Let Anwar be the entertainer (borrowing from The Financial Times). 
We are not entertainers, we don’t know how to sing, dance and tell jokes. It’s a serious business electing a government, so lets leave this clown’s strategy alone and not play to his game. If I know, then surely BN knows that the Chinese majority areas were gone. Why waste time and money? 
As a strategy, you should concentrate on those areas where you lost by slim majorities in 2008 and strengthen the seats you won in 2008. There was also the question of choice of candidates, and for example in Pandan, why be petty? 
Many people disputed that there was a Chinese tsunami. But there was, in the sense that Chinese voters voted en block whilst non-Chinese votes were split; but this is their right. This is democracy. What was disturbing was the reason for the en block votes. 
Pakatan preached hatred for BN particularly UMNO. DAP have always told the Chinese that they are victims, marginalised; that the cup they have is always half empty; that this is the time to teach MCA and Gerakan a lesson for being under UMNO’s control, that UMNO (and by extension the Malays) were dominant, and this was a Malay-led government, and the Chinese by voting out all the Chinese parties in BN is saying that they have had enough of being bullied by UMNO/ Malays. If this is not racist, I don’t know what is. 
Their cybertroopers were at work, 24 hours a day, sending misinformation, spins, rumours, lies, untruths etc. Where were the Banglas? Where was the blackout? How many people whose ink washed off, voted twice? Tun M flew away in a private jet? Lies and lies and the Chinese believe in "ubah" and "Ini kali lah".
I told you if the Chinese rejected Najib's leadership, the rural votes will swing to BN. DAP benefited the most. PAS, I do not know how it is going to reorganise itself. PKR we know practice nepotism, ask Azmin. As for the Indian votes, only some Indians votes came back to BN. 
Koh Tsu Koon has announced his retirement. Chua Soi Leik is not seeking re-election. In the West you lose, you retire. Brown retired. Here they are not morally strong to quit. Anwar stays on, Kit Siang stays on, Hadi stays on. Let me remind you, Anwar said he would retire if he failed to get to Putrajaya. Anwar does not keep to his word. He will never retire, until the day he is on his deathbed he would still want to be PM. 
Let’s recognize that nowhere in world is it easy to get a two-third majority. Urban voters everywhere in the world are anti-government. BN's strength lies in the rural areas. Yet too much time and money were wasted in urban areas where the results were almost certain.
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  1. MR.
    Setuju.Penasihat 10% Najib berenti sajalah.
    Katanya PRU 13 yang tak bertanding cuma budak pejabat dgn drebar saja.
    Bertanding kalah pulak tu.

    Di Kedah ada 3 penasihat.
    2 bertanding.kalah pulak tu.
    satu lagi nasib baik dengar cakap.
    kalau tidak lagi malu najib.

  2. i truly agree... BN focus focus focus... urban No No No...

  3. Dear DsAI, we are tired. Stop fooling our brothers and sisters. We want to move on for our next generation. There is no alternative to BN


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