Sunday, November 1, 2009

Allahyarham Hamid Tuah pelopor peneroka ‘tanah untuk mereka tak bertanah’

I Remember When... 'We went to jail for Hamid Tuah'


Her father was the legendary Hamid Tuah, the revolutionary who opened up land for poor peasants in many parts of the country.

I HAVE many memories of my father even though he was away most of the time when I was a child.

He was in and out of jail between 1961 and 1969, imprisoned for what he believed in, and our family suffered a great deal.

But his cause inspired the whole nation, from the student movement to civil society.
(Source : New Sunday Times)
Mungkin tidak ramai generasi hari ini yang tahu siapakah Hamid Tuah. Beiau adalah pelopor peneroka tanah untuk mereka yang tidak bertanah. Ikutilah kisah beliau dalam NST 1/11/2009


  1. Yes I remember parts of the story. Hamid Tuah was a much mentioned personality in the 60s.

    His daughter maybe elder sister to the informer of this story if I am not mistaken, her name was Fatimah Sham may have grown up to be a Prof. somewhere. She may have some important part of the story never yet disclosed about Anuar Ibrahim. If only somebody can get in touch with her, that interesting part of the story may be discovered.

  2. Waiting for the book by Siti Noor. Will try to get few copies for distribution.

  3. Che Leh Jangok

    Don't cast aspersions on Anwar Ibrahim. You are trying to play safe by insinuating something horrid about Anwar. If you're certain about it, be brave and tell it to us pointblank. Don't be like Nallakaruppan or Lokman Adam, or Ezzam. At least Anwar was brave to insinuate that Najib is involved in Altantuya's murder. But you are hiding behing the sarong of Hamid Tuah's daughter. How pathetic!

    Waht exactly are you afraid of? That what you are insinuating is a lie? Anwar cannot go after you. he doesn't control the Police, the Courts or the AG. So no reason for you to fear.

    sri hartamas

  4. A quite good story..

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  5. Saya kenal Hamid Tuah kerana selalu terserempak dgn beliau bila satu bas (balik dari sekolah) di hujung 70an.

  6. Terima kasih atas penulisan ini.
    Semoga buku ini kelak akan menjadi sebahagian bacaan utk pelajar SPM dan dan STPM kelak.


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